cocktail menu

All cocktails made with fresh squeezed fruit

Hard Cranberry Seltzer - Cranberry, 5-time filtered sparkling water, Stateside vodka 7

Ranch Water - Espolon Blanco, sparkling water, lime 7

House Margarita - Citrus, Espolon Blanco, Grand Marnier 12

Spicy Serrano Margarita - Citrus, serrano chile, Espolon Blanco, Grand Marnier 12

Autumn Margarita - Local apple cider, citrus, Espolon Reposado, Grand Mariner, cinnamon sugar rim 12

Tequila Sunrise - Orange, cranberry, Espolon Blanco 12

Mezcal Mule - Smokey Mezcal, lime, spicy ginger beer 12

Paloma - Grapefruit, lime, orange bitters, Espolon Blanco 12


Happy hour

Weekdays 4PM-6PM


Miller Lite - Draft or Bottle

Salsa verde - Tomatillo, Charred Serrano/Jalapeno/pablano, roasted garlic

Charred Tomato Salsa - Grilled tomato, charred poblano, roasted garlic

Elote - Grilled ear of corn, citrus spice, chipotle aioli, Cotija


All Drafts

Patatas Bravas - Crispy potatoes, salsa ranchero, cilantro lime aioli, queso fresco, green onion $2 add chorizo


Hard Seltzer - Fresh seasonal fruit, 5-time filtered sparkling water, stateside vodka

Ranch Water - Tequila, sparkling water, fresh lime

House Wine - Red / White / Rose / Sparkling

Queso Fundido - Melted blend of Oaxaca & Chihuahua cheese topped with toasted Cotija $2 add chorizo

Late Night Happy hour

Friday & Saturday from 10pm - 12am - 1/2 off Patron



Guajillo – dried chile with mild-medium spice. Herbal & berry like flavor

Ancho – dried ripened poblano chiles

Morita – smoked then dried jalapeno that gives off a spicy but fruity flavor

Serrano – small fresh green chiles. Similar to jalapeno, but spicier

Poblano – large fresh green chile, mild-medium in spice

Habanero – small fresh chile with intense spice and tropical fruity flavor

Chipotle – smoked jalapenos, then dried or marinated in adobo

Arbol – small dried red chile with intense heat


Pipian Mole – pepitas (pumpkin seeds) arbol chile,

Sweet Chile Mole – Our most complex mole. Tomato with guajillo & morita chiles, spiced with star anise, clove, sesame seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, then sweetened with apricot and prune. Perfect blend of spice & sweetness

Ranchero – Served hot. Mexican style marinara with a slight kick

Salsa Borracha – “drunken salsa” charred tomato & pepper based kicked up with smoky mezcal

Mexicana (pico de gallo) – tomato, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, lime

Adobo – The foundation for marinating meats. Ancho, guajillo, & morita chile combo with spices such as canelo, clove, cumin, garlic & oregano


Cotija – hard and crumbly cow’s milk cheese. Salty & similar to parmesan

Chihuahua – soft melting cheese made from cow’s milk named after the region of Chihuahua

Oaxaca – semi-soft “string like” cow’s milk cheese from the region of Oaxaca

Queso Fresco – the Mexican mozzarella. Made from cow’s milk

Crema – fermented cream with slight lime flavor. Similar to sour cream


Pepitas – roasted pumpkin seeds

Epazote – fresh pungent herb with an anise like flavor

Canelo – similar to cinnamon

Chorizo – Fresh ground pork seasoned with guajillo chiles, canelo, coriander, & garlic

Banana Leaves – fresh leaf from the banana tree. Used for wrapping meats when smoking to protect the meat from burning and hold in moisture. Also, gives off an herby “tea like” flavor


Tuesday - Thursday
4:00 PM - 12:00 AM (kitchen open til 10 PM)

Friday & Saturday
12:00 PM - 12:00 AM (kitchen open til 11 PM)

12:00 PM - 10:00 PM (kitchen open til 9 PM)


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